Thursday, May 11, 2006

A New Dave Williams Video For You (And A Chance To Become A VIP...)


Thank You!

Not only have you chosen to vote Insider Dave Williams into the Magic Invitational, but you also helped him choose his Invitational card:

Now in a moment I’m going to give you a video as my way of saying thanks for a really fun week.

The video will include:

  • The Insider Strategy that David Williams used yesterday morning to go 2-1 in the Duplicate Sealed format, including you getting to watch Dave once again take down Pro Tour Champ Osyp Lebedowicz.

  • The real heartbreak story behind David’s rivalry with old rival Tsuyoshi Fujita and how David was finally able to break through the intimidation factor and come away with the win.
  • Several hints to the deck that we’ve handed over to David for the “Block Party” format (one is a near DEAD GIVEAWAY so if you figure it out, make sure not to tell David’s opponents BEFORE he gets the chance to annihilate them;-)
  • And I’ll get to that in a moment (including how you can get what may be the FINAL copy of the e-newsletter JAM packed with Magic content—you’re going to have to take action to get this one)…
But first, let me share David Williams most recent comment from this blog:

David Williams:
As I write this it's the night before we have to submit our card and begin the Invitational. I have been reading over them along with doing some serious testing thanks to Mike and Dave Bass. There were so many cool ideas that I decided to take the concepts from a few. I am submitting:

Dark Evolver

If you control a swamp dark +1/+1 and haste

If you control a plains it gets +1/+1 and spirit link


Blake Miller gave me the idea of fear. I like the fact that fear is such a big factor in poker. I loved Jason Tucker's "Kird Ape" concept. With the new dual lands this is a really good way to may a cheap powerful creature. I took both of these ideas and decided that spirit link was the best way to combo with Dark Confidant yet still be competitive. Thank you for all of your submissions. Wizards always works with the winner to compromise on what they want to print and what the winner wants, so I'm sure I'll be using more of your ideas when the negotiations begin. You guys are great.


1:03 AM

So what are we thanking you for?

Well FIRST of all, thank you for helping another Insider, Dave Williams, get into his very first Invitational, despite only having played in a SINGLE Pro Tour and US Nationals this year. (Dave did extremely well at both)

David Williams received 517 CLEAN votes, nearly DOUBLING his nearest competition! Thank you for your help!

And thank YOU David for opening up and sharing with the MTGInsider community, and for recognizing the contributions of our entire team, and for being our champion now!

In fact, here’s a few comments from David to the Insider community from this morning, as the invitational was just beginning.

First Dave tried to reach out to you directly from the main event room, but Randy Buehler points out that to speak with you he has to go to the Invitational Chat room

Then he strikes up a conversation with a couple of Insiders in that room, and takes the time to THANK YOU for your help designing his card!

After chatting it up, David started the day 2-1.

Now I wanted to THANK YOU personally for all of your ideas, comments support and most importantly, for TAKING ACTION again and again.

I'm about to show you the video that I promised you earlier, but first I have to make a confession.

I’m at a real decision point in my 11 year Magic career and after you watch your video I’m going to offer you a little ‘ethical bribe’ to help me decide…

You see, I’m going to offer you a copy of what very well may be the last ever copy of the e-Newsletter—complete with some shocking revelations, strategies and more video coverage.

I just want to make sure you remember to keep on reading so you can, take advantage of this special offer.

Here's Your Video!

Magic Invitational News with David Williams

But wait there's more!

Now I told you at the beginning of this letter, then again during the video that I was going to offer you a special opportunity to join my VIP Notification List for news on that potentially FINAL copy of the Newsletter, which will be out in a day or two…

In the meantime you’re helping ME make a decision about what to do with, and programs we’d considered dropping like MTG Secrets…because quite frankly I’ve got dozens of business opportunities that pay LOTS more than teaching Magic

But every time I start to wander out the Magic door, Dave Williams seems to be there to suck me back in and get me playing again…

Like the time recently when he instant messaged me from Los Vegas to ask me if I wanted to meet him in a couple of hours…little did I realize that just a few hours later Dave and I would be money drafting against four of the best Magic players in the world!

And the way that the Insider community has RALLIED around Dave…while other game communities that had NOTHING TO DO with Magic were being manipulated to vote for other candidates…David came through with a resounding victory, and a CLEAN SLATE!

Now Dave Williams has asked me and David Mills to come out of retirement to play with him at Pro Tour Charleston later this summer.

Now I’m not going to BS you and say, hey I don’t need to teach you Magic to put a roof over my table, or food on my plate. But we both know it’s true. When I closed my game store and walked away from the Magic World I never dreamed I’d become one of the most sought after Online business consultants in the world.

And yet that’s what’s happened…and I enjoy what I do!

But there’s something very special about Magic, and even though I’ve now had hundreds of grateful letters, stories and triumphs shared with me in your Annihilation Reports…I still get that there’s a chance that I still have something to contribute to my positive legacy in Magic.

(goodness knows there’s still plenty of garbage out there on the internet if you search my name with mtg from when I was 19 years old lol :-)
So I’ve decided to create this VIP Notification List to give you the chance to not only experience what may be the last e-newsletter I EVER publish…but also so you can have a role in shaping OUR Magic future by telling ME what YOU think I should DO…


Remember I respect your privacy 100%.

Thanks for taking this limited time opportunity to Join the VIP Notification List and I'll be in communication with you soon about your upcomming Newsletter which will include the rest of the news from the Magic Invitational!I don't feel intimidated when I play a game of Magic, no matter who it is that I'm facing, or what deck they have. I want you to see the same thing I see when I sit down, a road to victory free of obsticles...

Take Care,

Mike Long

PS If you want to wish Dave GOOD LUCK for the rest of the Invitational, post a comment on this post NOW! Dave Williams frequents this blog and every bit of support MATTERS!

PS 2 If you haven't watched the Movie I created for you with Breaking Dave Williams and Magic Invitational News that I created to THANK YOU, than make sure to do it now!


Blogger Wade H said...

I just wanted to send my blessings and luck to David out there. Rip em up for the insiders man, your doing a fine job so far keep itup.

Wade Hosler

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Thomas Scott said...

keep on keepin' on Dave!!! You rock!

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Chris "Twist" Gifford said...

Dave, this is Twist on MTGO, just wanna say the best of luck in the rest of the luck the rest of the Invitational. Gratz on going 2-0 so far in the Mirage-Visions Draft.

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Blake Miller said...

Go Dave! We want the biggest annihilation report of them all in the form of your card being printed over everyone else's!! :)

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Luiz Mussa said...

GO GO Dave... Just want you to know the insider community will always be there to support and cheer for you...

12:00 PM  
Blogger Magic the Gathering said...

3-0 in Mirage Visions draft! Woo whoo! David Williams text messaged me this morning, after a 1-on-1 coaching session with David Mills...

the result! A 3-0 sweep!

Good luck Dave!


2:54 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

GO DAVE GO!!!!! Smash DeRosa!!!!!

4:22 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

GO DAVE GO!!!!! Smash DeRosa!!!!!

4:23 PM  
Blogger Joe said...


4:24 PM  
Anonymous Luiz Mussa said...

Hey Dave...

Even though it wasnt the way you wanted it to be, im sure you had a lot of fun and want you to know we will keep supporting you.

Theres always next year... or next PT...

12:28 AM  
Blogger Team Koserak said...

Congrats for ur invitation, we admire all your work.

Please keep going, and for Mike, keep feeding us (players) with precious information that you always have.


9:56 PM  
Anonymous DLoayza said...

Come on Mike, go with Dave Mills, and DW to the PT life, and make MTG the most interesting thing ever. I assure you that if you accede to play again PTS thousands of people will want to play again, and we all wanna see you smashing new "pro players" from today.

We don`t wanna see any more japaneese players dressed with strange clothes winning, or strange hair cuts, We really want to you and the poker star player go to PTS again and make MTG something to talk about!


4:54 PM  

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