Tuesday, March 29, 2005

"Zuzu THE GREAT" a new Tier 1 version of an old favorite...


I've got an MTG Secrets update for you...

Here's the story: As you may know Standard (Type II) Magic has radically changed with the recent bannings of Artifact lands, Arcbound Ravager and Disciple of the vault.

We were just getting ready to 'go to the presses' with MTG Secrets (actually we're WELL past our own deadlines for new content) but here's the thing...

We've uncovered a brand new, VERY Tier 1 way to build an old favorite deck of ours:

This deck is SO EXCITING that we've decided to add a BONUS DVD to MTG Secrets--DVD #9 "Zuzu THE GREAT" -- Luckily we have 'instant DVD Magic Movie Technology so we can do that.

Since I know that a lot of your may want to put our advice to use this weekend in a JSS, online or even in your local store or home games, we're STILL pre-releasing MTG Secrets this week...


We've moved the Launch back to Thursday (which gives all you SLACKERS who haven't signed up for the pre-release ONE EXTRA DAY!:-)

And just to tide everyone over we've also decided to give you a little sneak peek...

Click on the picture below to watch your "Sneak Preview"--and make sure to wait until the end of the movie for your opportunity to add yourself to the 'Pre-Launch sign-up list' (there is no obligation, only opportunity:-)



Mike Long


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