Thursday, May 11, 2006

A New Dave Williams Video For You (And A Chance To Become A VIP...)


Thank You!

Not only have you chosen to vote Insider Dave Williams into the Magic Invitational, but you also helped him choose his Invitational card:

Now in a moment I’m going to give you a video as my way of saying thanks for a really fun week.

The video will include:

  • The Insider Strategy that David Williams used yesterday morning to go 2-1 in the Duplicate Sealed format, including you getting to watch Dave once again take down Pro Tour Champ Osyp Lebedowicz.

  • The real heartbreak story behind David’s rivalry with old rival Tsuyoshi Fujita and how David was finally able to break through the intimidation factor and come away with the win.
  • Several hints to the deck that we’ve handed over to David for the “Block Party” format (one is a near DEAD GIVEAWAY so if you figure it out, make sure not to tell David’s opponents BEFORE he gets the chance to annihilate them;-)
  • And I’ll get to that in a moment (including how you can get what may be the FINAL copy of the e-newsletter JAM packed with Magic content—you’re going to have to take action to get this one)…
But first, let me share David Williams most recent comment from this blog:

David Williams:
As I write this it's the night before we have to submit our card and begin the Invitational. I have been reading over them along with doing some serious testing thanks to Mike and Dave Bass. There were so many cool ideas that I decided to take the concepts from a few. I am submitting:

Dark Evolver

If you control a swamp dark +1/+1 and haste

If you control a plains it gets +1/+1 and spirit link


Blake Miller gave me the idea of fear. I like the fact that fear is such a big factor in poker. I loved Jason Tucker's "Kird Ape" concept. With the new dual lands this is a really good way to may a cheap powerful creature. I took both of these ideas and decided that spirit link was the best way to combo with Dark Confidant yet still be competitive. Thank you for all of your submissions. Wizards always works with the winner to compromise on what they want to print and what the winner wants, so I'm sure I'll be using more of your ideas when the negotiations begin. You guys are great.


1:03 AM

So what are we thanking you for?

Well FIRST of all, thank you for helping another Insider, Dave Williams, get into his very first Invitational, despite only having played in a SINGLE Pro Tour and US Nationals this year. (Dave did extremely well at both)

David Williams received 517 CLEAN votes, nearly DOUBLING his nearest competition! Thank you for your help!

And thank YOU David for opening up and sharing with the MTGInsider community, and for recognizing the contributions of our entire team, and for being our champion now!

In fact, here’s a few comments from David to the Insider community from this morning, as the invitational was just beginning.

First Dave tried to reach out to you directly from the main event room, but Randy Buehler points out that to speak with you he has to go to the Invitational Chat room

Then he strikes up a conversation with a couple of Insiders in that room, and takes the time to THANK YOU for your help designing his card!

After chatting it up, David started the day 2-1.

Now I wanted to THANK YOU personally for all of your ideas, comments support and most importantly, for TAKING ACTION again and again.

I'm about to show you the video that I promised you earlier, but first I have to make a confession.

I’m at a real decision point in my 11 year Magic career and after you watch your video I’m going to offer you a little ‘ethical bribe’ to help me decide…

You see, I’m going to offer you a copy of what very well may be the last ever copy of the e-Newsletter—complete with some shocking revelations, strategies and more video coverage.

I just want to make sure you remember to keep on reading so you can, take advantage of this special offer.

Here's Your Video!

Magic Invitational News with David Williams

But wait there's more!

Now I told you at the beginning of this letter, then again during the video that I was going to offer you a special opportunity to join my VIP Notification List for news on that potentially FINAL copy of the Newsletter, which will be out in a day or two…

In the meantime you’re helping ME make a decision about what to do with, and programs we’d considered dropping like MTG Secrets…because quite frankly I’ve got dozens of business opportunities that pay LOTS more than teaching Magic

But every time I start to wander out the Magic door, Dave Williams seems to be there to suck me back in and get me playing again…

Like the time recently when he instant messaged me from Los Vegas to ask me if I wanted to meet him in a couple of hours…little did I realize that just a few hours later Dave and I would be money drafting against four of the best Magic players in the world!

And the way that the Insider community has RALLIED around Dave…while other game communities that had NOTHING TO DO with Magic were being manipulated to vote for other candidates…David came through with a resounding victory, and a CLEAN SLATE!

Now Dave Williams has asked me and David Mills to come out of retirement to play with him at Pro Tour Charleston later this summer.

Now I’m not going to BS you and say, hey I don’t need to teach you Magic to put a roof over my table, or food on my plate. But we both know it’s true. When I closed my game store and walked away from the Magic World I never dreamed I’d become one of the most sought after Online business consultants in the world.

And yet that’s what’s happened…and I enjoy what I do!

But there’s something very special about Magic, and even though I’ve now had hundreds of grateful letters, stories and triumphs shared with me in your Annihilation Reports…I still get that there’s a chance that I still have something to contribute to my positive legacy in Magic.

(goodness knows there’s still plenty of garbage out there on the internet if you search my name with mtg from when I was 19 years old lol :-)
So I’ve decided to create this VIP Notification List to give you the chance to not only experience what may be the last e-newsletter I EVER publish…but also so you can have a role in shaping OUR Magic future by telling ME what YOU think I should DO…


Remember I respect your privacy 100%.

Thanks for taking this limited time opportunity to Join the VIP Notification List and I'll be in communication with you soon about your upcomming Newsletter which will include the rest of the news from the Magic Invitational!I don't feel intimidated when I play a game of Magic, no matter who it is that I'm facing, or what deck they have. I want you to see the same thing I see when I sit down, a road to victory free of obsticles...

Take Care,

Mike Long

PS If you want to wish Dave GOOD LUCK for the rest of the Invitational, post a comment on this post NOW! Dave Williams frequents this blog and every bit of support MATTERS!

PS 2 If you haven't watched the Movie I created for you with Breaking Dave Williams and Magic Invitational News that I created to THANK YOU, than make sure to do it now!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Help Design & Choose Dave Williams Magic Invitational Card

UPDATE! David Williams has CHOSEN his card and the contest has ENDED! If you want to find out what David Williams Magic Invitational card is, and find out which Insiders WON, go to the comments section below!


Now that Magic’s pro tour is more than 10-years old, there are few distinctions rarer and more objective than owning your own Magic card. Less than a dozen pros have a card.

I got my opportunity to create a card back in 1999 when I won the Invitational in Barcelonia using an archaic blue white black Necro deck with Juzam Djinns, Hypnotic Specters and Sinkholes to beat Sturla Bingens high powered Accademy combo deck.

So when Dave Williams instant messaged me to let me know that the voting was about to start for the Magic Invitational, I asked if he planned on attending if he won.

He said that nothing would stop him—AND that if he won, that he wanted to ask the community to help him design his card.

Why? Because you backed him up with both high-octane tech and loyal support—including ELECTING HIM to this year’s Magic Invitational for this this last Pro Season where he took 39th at US Nationals and 22nd at Pro Tour Los Angeles despite limited practice time…

Oh, and by the way, having played with him in a money draft in Grand Prix Richmond against 3 level 6 mages and 1 level 5 mage (that is to say, the current Magic World Champ, the current Pro Player of the Year and the dudes who took 3rd and 5th at worlds—all from Japan) and walked away with the win, I can testify that Dave has the edge…

So this might be your best chance EVER to design a REAL Magic card.

All you have to do to submit your card is leave a comment with all of the cards stats (name, casting cost, all abilities and any suggested flavor text).

Now let me give you some guidelines based on my last conversation with Dave on the subject.

1 Here is the order of card color Dave prefers:
1 Black
2 Red
3 White
4 Blue
No Green

(sorry for when I said only white)

2 He wants his card to be a creature—that is a COMBO with Dark Confidant--friend Bob Maher's Invitational card.

3 He wants his card to be a BEATER—remember this is Dave Williams—the REAL king of beatdown. Make sure you design a card that’s going to bulldoze it’s way through the competition—but also try to be more creative than: Cost 1 white, 10/10 trample, first strike, 0: phasing!

Also bear in mind that Dave—and Wizards of the Coast for that matter, may need to alter your card if it’s chosen.

If your card is chosen than we’ll announce your name and get you a signed copy of the card from Dave Williams himself, along with other considerations;-)

Remember, the invitational begins in less than a WEEK…

Post your card NOW…and stay tuned for news, updates and one or two SURPRISES that Dave and I have planned for you this week to say THANK YOU for your SUPPORT, your IDEAS and your VOTES.


Mike Long
3-time Magic Team World Champ
Magic Invitational Champ

PS Remember, you’ll be able to watch David Williams represent the community next week at the Magic Invitational LIVE next week on Magic Online.

Watch your email and this blog for updates…

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

How To Master Ravnica Quickly And Easily


If you’ve checked out Magic’s newest set, Ravnica, you might know how I feel when I say ‘wow.’

I’ve been playing Magic for over 10 years now and I’ve never seen such an exciting flow of creative deck possibilities featuring such interesting cards.

I felt like Magic peaked in terms of consistency of play—where deck building and play mastery mattered most— during the Mirage block, 8 years ago. But I’ll bet 90% of the people who played during Mirage would admit it…

Mirage block was a little on the dull side.

It’s hard to say where Magic’s excitement peaked—perhaps Tempest, maybe during Urza’s Saga…

…But so too with Tempest and Urza’s blocks came an age of games that often didn’t last beyond turn 3 or 4-- a time repeated emergency bannings by the DCI where a $25 dollar card became ‘useless’ overnight.

(what do you expect when Tier 1 Standard decks could win the game before their opponent took a turn?)

When was the best time to be a ‘card dealer’ or ‘master trader?’ Well that’s a EASY one—if you take out to possibility of speculating on Black Lotus that now sells for $1000 and more and Beta Packs that you can now sell for hundreds each that in 1994 probably cost ten and three bucks respectively, then by far the best time to be a dealer was 5 years ago, during Invasions.

How do I know? I had an ebay business that served over 50,000 different clients during the time of Invasions and Gold Cards and desirable Foils like Urza’s Rage, Absorb and Undermine—all floating on a big ravenous market…

…And then Invasions cycled out and cards like Foil Urza’s Rage that USED to sell for as much at $60 EACH plummeted to one tenth it’s previous value in months—because the cards of the invasion set, while interesting were hard to cast with the lands and mana resources available and many power cards just didn’t stand the ‘test of time.’

(who wants cards that you just can’t use?)

Which isn’t a big deal until you realize that the devaluation of those cards generated what could be termed as pretty much the equivalent of a Magic Stock Market Crash.

And never has there been a time that people have discussed in Magic where everyone from the old days came back to play—and stayed. There’s no one time in Magic’s now going on 12-year history when everyone agreed Magic was at it’s best.

There’s never been a Magic Golden Age…

Not yet.

There’s no way to predict the future, and you may soon find yourself saying:

“Now is both the most exciting time in Magic and it’s also a time where there’s a real opportunity for anyone to learn to really shine as a deckbuilder, player and even master card trader.”

I’m betting that the next two years are going to be looked back on as perhaps the two best years to play Magic.

Dual Lands. Awesome creatures. Sick gold cards.

The quality of the art has dramatically risen. The frequency of retarded cards that have to be stopped with a banning has slowed. And now that Affinity and Tooth and Nail are out of Standard and have been replaced with an ever increasing realm of cool possible decks.

In short: Ravnica is Fun, Ravnica is Exciting, and above all…

Ravnica is Different.

You can’t get by on the old way of doing things. With the rise of the duel land driven Guild system we’re probably going to see at least one SERIOUS deck from every 3-color combination—not to mention 4-color combinations.

Did someone say 4-color?

Because Insider David Williams played our Ravnica-powered 4-color weenie-beatdown deck, Zoo Too at Pro Tour LA. Shaking off some early luck and a crushing 3-mulligan 3rd game defeat in the 15th round that kept Dave from a 1-match shot at his first top 8 in over 5 years, Dave Walked away with 22nd place.

You can watch a 3-minute win-zip video with Poker Superstar Dave Willams at Pro Tour LA

Or 4-color could refer to ‘Bugs’ 4-color Standard deck for states that Insiders used to gobble up a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and a 5th place finish at various State championships.

Here’s an email I got this Annihilation Report from Adam Stickney on ‘Bugs’ at States:

Hey Mike,

I just wanted to thank you for your work on that G/W/B/R bugs deck. I ended up placing 2nd in my state championship and I had a great shot at first place. My opponent in the finals was playing a G/W control deck and vitu-ghazi was a crucial card in the matchup. The main deck creeping molds really helped game 1. in game two I got probably the best turn 3 play I could hope for when I cast sowing salt on my opponent's vitu-ghazi, revealing that he was stalled on 3 mana while I had a vitu-ghazi in my hand that would come online next turn. Unfortunately my vitu-ghazi was pithing needled and I drew about 10 lands in a row. Game 3 didn't look quite as good for me, but I still felt I was a favorite until I mana flooded again. I can't really complain though, because I got some amazing draws in previous matches and pulled games out of nowhere. The deck just worked great. I decided to play the earlier version with loxodon hierarchs because I expected a more aggro heavy metagame, and they helped tremendously in my three straight matches against white lightning while playing for top 8. The store than ran the state championships is also running the first ever PTQ in Maine, which is a couple of weeks away. Hopefully you'll have another great deck for us in the extended season.

Thanks again,

Heck, we’re even running a 4-color ‘UD strategy’ in Draft right now—here are some comments Dave Bass made after playing in a 4x Pre Release event in Magic online:

“Dude. You’ve got to get in a pre-release and get some free packs.”

“That’s what it feels like right now—I’m playing in as many pre-releases as I can and I’m drafting in between rounds—the 4-color is SICK.”

“Oh and did I mention it works even BETTER in sealed?”

“I just WON a pre-release event and took 2nd in another. I missed the top 8 of a third! Amazing!”

”Gotta run, games starting.”

And against the backdrop of all of this (and even more) excitement, David Mills and I have been locked away testing like maniacs—always staying one step ahead of the ‘net.’

And now we’ve finally ‘cracked the code.’

How do you think we managed to build a deck for Pro Tour LA that Dave Williams could walk in cold off the street after watching a few hours of video and then go on to place 22nd despite some really awful luck?

How much did Dave like his deck? This is from’s coverage of Pro Tour LA:

(Pro Tour Champ) Osyp Lebedowicz was paired against Dave Williams in the final round this weekend, with a Top 32 seemingly on the line for both players. Lebedowicz was looking for the Pro Tour points a Top 32 appearance would yield, while Williams is currently unqualified for Pro Tour-Hawaii, and a draw would guarantee that for both of them. Dave scoffed at any thought of a draw, however, choosing to let his whole tournament and possibly a trip to Hawaii ride on the result of the final round. As Dave put it, "I got money, I came to play. There was no way I was taking the draw there." As it turned out, Dave made a great choice and smashed Joe Black with due haste, making him a lock for Hawaii and forcing Osyp to be content with 41st place.

Dave’s a great strategist. He knows that when you’ve got an edge, that’s the best time to push your luck.

David Mills and I have an ‘edge’ to offer you.

Starting in one week, you’ll have the opportunity to cash in on the fruits of mine and David Mills’ frantic search of Ravnica for the edge to deck building, play and trading in the Ravnica Magic setting.

MTG Secrets Ravnica is a truly different Magic Experience with a truly different power and appeal.

Oh sure, you’ll get the decklists we’re NOW playing and exactly how we play them down to the last sideboard card (what, you didn’t think we’d LEARN a thing or two from States and PTLA?)

You could fill more than 25 DVDs with the hours of Magic Training Videos that are dedicated to helping you quickly gain a big edge in Ravnica Magic and then push you well over that edge on your way to Magic Mastery.

We’ll also be including our newly updated 270 page Magic Master Strategy Guide. The guide breaks everything down, step-by-step—and the one thing that our clients probably like the most is that we don’t leave steps out.

We tell it like it is.

You’ll also get the Underground Encyclopedia of Magic, where we go card-by-card through every single card in Ravnica (the Encyclopedia now dates back to Betrayers of Kamigawa and includes 9th Edition).

Then you start getting into the real meat of MTG Secrets: hours of Master Strategy Interviews where David Mills takes me one-on-one and helps me break down Standard, Extended, Draft, and the one that FAR AND AWAY the most insiders DEMANDED we include: Trading.

I even reveal the ‘master-foil-method’ that my team used 5-years ago to literally suck entire events dry of every ‘extra’ card in every trade binder. It still works today, and what’s better is that there are MORE of the Foils needed to leverage these powerful trades and MORE ‘target cards’ for you to grab up than ever—and the Ravnica ‘Gold Rush’ is just getting started.

Imagine what this kind of information could do for you in just one day of trading.

MTG Secrets Ravnica will officially go on sale November 15th at 12 PM eastern time (you might want to make a mental note of that exact date and time—there are going to be some shocking benefits for those who act first)

Why the wait?

David and I are still putting the finishing touches and feeding in up-to-the-second data from events around the world—we want to make sure that MTG Secrets Ravnica gives you the biggest edge possible when it comes to providing decks that are different and still WORK (in many cases much better), Strategies that win, and a community that’s terrific—and all along we show you exactly how we do it.

We’re going to be releasing the details on some of the bonuses we’re going to be including (I’ll give you a hint—one of those bonuses flat out gets you a ‘live’ personal coaching session with me on how to quickly and easily take your Magic Game to the top)

There’s also going to be a way for you to WIN a FREE COPY of MTG Secrets Ravnica and to learn a lot more about what to expect out of Magic for the next two years…

I’ll be back soon with all of that and much more.


Mike Long

PS MTG Secrets Ravnica will be ready in 1 week—check back to find out more about the amazing bonuses that we’re going to be offering AND to find out how you can get your copy FREE.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

"Zuzu THE GREAT" a new Tier 1 version of an old favorite...


I've got an MTG Secrets update for you...

Here's the story: As you may know Standard (Type II) Magic has radically changed with the recent bannings of Artifact lands, Arcbound Ravager and Disciple of the vault.

We were just getting ready to 'go to the presses' with MTG Secrets (actually we're WELL past our own deadlines for new content) but here's the thing...

We've uncovered a brand new, VERY Tier 1 way to build an old favorite deck of ours:

This deck is SO EXCITING that we've decided to add a BONUS DVD to MTG Secrets--DVD #9 "Zuzu THE GREAT" -- Luckily we have 'instant DVD Magic Movie Technology so we can do that.

Since I know that a lot of your may want to put our advice to use this weekend in a JSS, online or even in your local store or home games, we're STILL pre-releasing MTG Secrets this week...


We've moved the Launch back to Thursday (which gives all you SLACKERS who haven't signed up for the pre-release ONE EXTRA DAY!:-)

And just to tide everyone over we've also decided to give you a little sneak peek...

Click on the picture below to watch your "Sneak Preview"--and make sure to wait until the end of the movie for your opportunity to add yourself to the 'Pre-Launch sign-up list' (there is no obligation, only opportunity:-)



Mike Long

Sunday, March 27, 2005

MTG Secrets "Outtake" Gives You A Post Banning Standard Deck


There was such a terrific response from our last Magic Training Video we posted that we thought we'd do it one last time.

It was tough to find something to use--but then I found a 'last second outtake' from MTG Secrets...

This Online Training Video not only gives you a new deck, but also delivers an even bigger lesson...

Can you figure out the lesson and how to take advantage of it in the new Standard:
(by the way, make sure to stay through the movie--there's a special opportunity at the end for the 'wise')



Mike Long

Friday, March 25, 2005

A New Movie With A "Jedi" Lesson And A Big Announcment


If a picture is worth a thousand words than this movie's probably worth a million or more! Click on the picture below to get your first "MTG Secrets" lesson... and just a hint of what's to come.
I'm taking off today, but I didn't want to leave you 'high and dry' -- so here's a 'sneak preview' into the world of MTG Secrets V2.0 Online Training System... You'll also get a special opportunity at the end of the movie, so make sure you watch it all the way through!:-)

Mike Long

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The REAL Secret to Jedi Mind Mastery...(finally) REVEALED


So late last week I promised to tell you my number one Magic: the Gathering Secret, and here it is (you’ll understand soon enough why I don’t ‘need’ to keep him secret any more)…

This ‘mystery man’ is the person who revealed to me the greatest deck in the history of Type I, trained me in Jedi Mind Mastery techniques that go so much deeper than just duping your opponent into a mistake, and finally he’s the person who revealed to me the ‘Ultimate Deck’ concept that so many of our clients, such as Peter Maylott, and writer Mason Peatross, were so excited about. (He’s also the first Magic pro EVER to make the finals of two pro tour events)

Wow! That’s a lot of stuff!

I’m going to reveal his identity in just a moment but first I’d like to zero in on just one of the three concepts above and explain just how powerful of a thinker this man is…

Let’s talk about Jedi Mind Mastery—now I mentioned before that I was able to use a simple Jedi Mind Trick to fool an opponent into conceding a game that he literally couldn’t lose. I also told you that the game had $10,000 riding on it. But there’s something that I didn’t tell you.

What I didn’t tell you was that that ‘mind trick’ that I played on Mark Justice was about a 4 on a scale of 1-10 of the kind of Jedi Mind Mastery techniques I learned.

Let me explain…

This mysterious man that I’m talking about has been intensely focused on how to best utilize the power of the human mind (and ‘spirit’) since he was about 15 years old. He’s over 30 now, so as you might imagine he’s had a LOT of practice! But who cares how LONG he’s done it, what kinds of RESULTS do his Jedi Mind Strategies produce?

Well, let me give you one example, and this one is from the ‘real world.’ About 2 years ago a former business partner of mine engaged me in a frivolous, but dangerous lawsuit, asking over $200,000! After two years of ‘legal maneuvering’ (that is, spending over $10,000 on lawyers and what-not) I found myself out of $10,000 and not much closer to defending myself from this ridiculous legal action.

So what did I do? I called up this ‘mystery man’ and asked him to come down to Florida a bit before the case would be tried and to help me gain a little bit of perspective on things and maybe lend a hand…

Now this ‘mystery man’ gives some…heh how do I say this…’interesting advice.’ In this case he told me to fire my lawyer and represent myself in court (despite the fact that I had never even dreamed about doing something like that, and despite and knowing nearly NOTHING about the law). Oh and one more thing, this was about 10 days before the trial…

So at this point I engaged my personal ‘Jedi Mind Mastery’ technique of LISTENING to the ‘mystery man’s’ advice… (and believe me with $200,000 on the line that was a bit of a ‘trick!’).

I went to my lawyer, who literally laughed when I told him what I was going to do and I let him go. I would have felt bad, but by that point the ‘mystery man’ had done enough research that I now knew MORE about my case and the elements of the legal issues it involved than my lawyer…MUCH MORE. “What are the ELEMENTS of the claim against me,” I asked my lawyer. “Elements, um, yeah, oh oops yes those are important, aren’t they?” my [incompetent] lawyer replied. “Let me look those up.”

While I did have to spend the next several days largely focusing on preparing my legal defense there was a bright side. What was that? Well, for one thing, I won my legal defense despite facing not one but two high paid experience attorneys and a judge who seemed none too happy with my ‘maverick no-$200/hour lawyer needing’ style…

(By the way, just a quick reality check for you if you’re wondering this is 100% true and the trial ended just last week…)

Now this all took layer upon layer of deep ‘Jedi Mind Mastery,’ from the ability to shift my brain into a constant day-and-night law learning machine (I probably learned as much about the law in the last two weeks as most law students do in two years!), to being able to step before a Judge and two lawyers as calmly as if I were sitting down to play a game of Friday Night Magic…

Ok, ok, so who’s the guy who taught me all of this, and what does it mean for you?!?

Well, this ‘mystery man’ is none other than David Mills. Never heard of him? I’m not surprised. He only played pro Magic for a little over a year (never mind that during that time he compiled more pro points than any other player in the game) before he quit playing professionally, and went into ‘hiding’ for 5 years while he honed and mastered his ‘Jedi Mind Magic.’

That search took him to the far reaches of the Internet, and the world (in fact before he came to visit me in Florida he was hanging out in Perm, Russia where there’s only daylight 4 hours out of 24 right now!). Can you imagine walking away from a promising (to say the least!) Pro Magic career, and in fact walking away from the world, to focus in on mastering an obscure yet powerful ‘art form?’

What secrets might you have unlocked if you spent weeks on end secluded in dark libraries and furiously searching the Internet and the world…

You may be wondering right now why I’d follow David Mills’ advice? Why do I have so much ‘faith’ in this ‘mystery man’ and his ‘Jedi Mind Mastery?’

Well, for one, I ‘had a little faith’ in David a few years back and it resulted in me going from an obscure but talented Pro Magic player to the top ranked Magic player in the world in both limited, constructed, pro points AND in me winning my first Pro Tournament in Paris.

Lot’s of people like to give us advice, but what if you notice for 10 years straight when you get advice from that person—whether it had to do with how to dominate Magic, how to create powerful and lucrative business deals, or even how to find the love of your life in the last place you’d EVER expect—that the advice WORKED better than you’d ever imagined it could?

And better yet, it’s not even that I get ‘advice’ from David—(does anyone REALLY wants advice?) we discuss ideas and then David asks some questions and then gives me an analysis based on his deep understanding of these ‘Jedi Mind Principals…’ And, well his advice is RIGHT.

You’d probably have the kind of faith that I do too if you’d listened to this person for the last 10 years…

But now, because of a ‘little announcement’ that I’m going to make in just under a week, you’re going to be able to find out for yourself. You’ll be able to take advantage of the same powerful ‘Jedi Mind Mastery’ that has powered my Pro Magic career, as well as my business and personal life…

You’ll be able to see for yourself what is possible when you unlock mysteries not available anywhere else in the world…

Hold tight, because Friday I’m going to be making a VERY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT… and you’ll want to be HERE—especially because I’ll be giving you a FREE GIFT that I think you’ll really enjoy…

So until Friday…